Responsibilities of the Golf Outing Planning Committee

Having a competent planning committee is crucial to the success of your golf charity. The committee's main work will be to ensure that various events of the outing are done in the right manner and as expected. The committee should comprise of members with diverse experience in planning corporate events. You can get members of your staff or hire a consulting company to plan the event for you.

It is important to have a small committee for efficiency. While a large team may seem ideal to handle the multitude of tasks before, during and after the outing, your costs will be high. Learn relevant details about this when you surf over to the site at The last thing you want is majority of your golf outing budget to go to the planning phase rather than execution.  With a small team, you will keep expenses low and it will be easier to manage the committee members.

All tasks related to the golf outing should be handled by the committee members. Two of the main tasks to be assigned to the members include:

i)             Format of the outing

The members should be in charge of the format of the outing. Know more about this at The format will depend on what you wish to achieve from the outing. For example, you can go for a competitive format, where attendees can participate in various games for different prizes. You can also opt to have one main golf play where players will be eliminated at different rounds along the way.

Discuss the format of the outing with the committee members to find out which one will be best for your organization. If you are looking to raise funds, go for a format that will encourage participation from as many people as possible.

ii)            Budget of the outing

You should have a budget in mind for the outing. The budget will affect majority of the activities that will be done during the event. Generally, you will spend more on booking the venue than on other activities. However, there are other significant costs to be thought about, for example planning the banquet and advertising the outing.

The committee should draw up a list of activities to be carried out during the golf outing and their tentative budgets. More of this are defined in this official website. If you have a small budget, the scale of some activities may have to be reduced.  Also, you may need to find creative ways to implement some strategies to save on costs.

The above are two of the major responsibilities that the golf outing committee will be in charge of.